All The Fun – For Everyone!

Gibraltar Cultural Services, the Self Determination Group for Gibraltar (SDGG) and the Ministry of Equality have been working together once again to make the Gibraltar Fair which runs from Friday 24th August to Saturday 1st September, more inclusive and sensory friendly. Sensory adaptations will be available for the first two hours of the fair, from 6:30 pm to 8:45pm, when lights will be switched off and sound minimized. This will be particularly beneficial for people with autism, photosensitive epilepsy, visual impairments and hearing impairments.

This year’s “Easy Access Pass” can be used in two ways:

1.     At attractions where there is a requirement to queue, Pass holders will, upon reaching the front of the queue, present their Pass to the attraction greeter or ‘feriante’, who will  secure a seat for the Pass holder.

2.     At attractions where there is no designated queue line, Pass holders will present their Pass at the ticket box to the attraction greeter at the ticket box who will then secure a seat for the Pass holder.

The Pass will be particularly useful for people with mobility impairments.

Not all rides are suitable for all visitors as each have strict health and safety rules which must be followed and attraction greeters may refuse admission to a ride if they feel that the safety of a visitor or of others visitors may be at risk.

Individuals interested in applying for the Pass will need to complete an application form which is available for collection from GCS at the John Mackintosh Hall, or can be obtained by emailing or calling 20067236. Parents or guardians may complete the forms on behalf of a minor who has a disability. Applications must be submitted by 17th August.

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