Gibraltar Rugby Heading To Tel Aviv

Gibraltar Rugby will be heading off East for the second time this year, when they face Israel in an international friendly on the 10th October. It’s a long-awaited return fixture from when Israel visited the Rock in 2014. The venue is the Wingate Institute of Sport, 30km outside Tel Aviv. Entry is free and the kick-off time is 6:30pm, Gibraltar time.

The trip also coincides with Gibrael’s Gibraltar Day 2018 and will add sport to the blend of business events taking place in Tel Aviv itself, further helping to strengthen ties between the two historically-linked jurisdictions.

Chad Thomson, General Secretary of Gibraltar Rugby was pleased to kick off the 2018/19 season with the fixture. “It’s an honour to be invited out to Tel Aviv to finally put a return fixture against Israel in the books. Rugby in Gibraltar has gone from strength to strength despite the challenges with access to appropriate facilities on the Rock. Preparations for this game have been below standard and so the move to Europa Point cannot come soon enough. Gibraltar Rugby has developed in part to its strong partner network and despite setbacks has improved on the field over the past four years since narrowly beating them at home, so it will be telling on our progress to play them again.”

Two local businesses played an integral part in making the tour happen.

Danny Hook from Rokolo commented “It’s an honour to be supporting Gibraltar Rugby and celebrating Gibraltar day in Tel Aviv. Rockolo wishes the Rugby Team and all participants involved the best of luck. I am sure it will be a very successful event and look forward to taking part and watching the game live in Tel Aviv”.

Patrícia Darch said “We are very excited to be a sponsor of the Gibraltar Rugby Team, especially on this very symbolic trip to Tel Aviv; the kick off of the team’s 2018/2019 season and the fabulous opportunity to strengthen business ties with Israel through the magnificent work carried out by the Gibrael Organisation. I can only wish both of these ventures a very successful outcome”.

(The team and staff comprises: Nicholas Ramagge, Aidan Beazley, Chris Lugnani, Luke Payas, Oscar Cruz, Will Collin, Marc Waller, Matt Jones, Mike Massey, Mike Milward, Joey Galloway, Xavi Bottino, James Savignon, Jack Milton, Alexander Cruz, Sam Julian, Matt Isola, Harvey Armstrong, Elliot Stone, Jamie Stone, Jonny Reyes, Tom Lovelace)

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